"The Nordic region plays a vital role"

– Our Nordic colleagues and sites play a vital role for HeidelbergCement Group – especially in achieving our industry's leading CO2 reduction commitment, said HeidelbergCement CEO Dr Dominik von Achten. 

Last week, the CEO and the Managing Board of HeidelbergCement visited Norway and Sweden, to learn more about the operations, plants, quarries and ongoing development projects.

– It is crucial for us to get first-hand updates and discuss with the local managers and employees on the sites all opportunities and challenges to lead the way in sustainability through CCUS and other measures, Dominik von Achten continued.

It was a week of learnings and insights for the Managing Board including: 

  • Visiting the Brevik cement plant to have a closer look at the Carbon Capture-facility that is currently under construction, with planned start of operations Q3 2024.

  • A trip to Norsk Stein in Jelsa and Tau, Norway, to look at the operation of Europe's largest aggregates plant with an annual production of 12 million tons of crushed rock, and to learn about the company’s expansion plans.

  • A visit to energy company Stockholm Exergi, who are planning for a full-scale bio-CCS plant with the potential to capture 800,000 tons of CO2 per year, and meeting with the R&D Director.

  • An organised discussions with key customers, partners and other heavy industry representatives such as SSAB, on how we can work together to develop a more sustainable value chain across the entire construction sector.

  • Visit to Slite cement plant in Sweden to receive a thorough update on the ongoing CCS project. 

Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Northern Europe hosted the journey during the week.

– This was a great opportunity to present some of our sites where important projects are taking place. The Managing Board's support for our key sustainability initiatives is clear and motivating for all involved, said Giv Brantenberg.

View more pictures from the trip in the image gallery below. 

Brevik CCS visit Managing board.

Norsk Stein plant visit Managing board.

Norsk Stein quarry, visit Managing board.

Slite plant visit Managing Board. View over the port from the 100 metres high cyclone tower.

Slite plant visit Managing board.

Visit at Slite plant.. Dominik von Achten, CEO HeidelbergCement, Karin Comstedt Webb, Head of ESG region Northern Europe, Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Northern Europe.