Networking is key for the development of younger talents

During May we saw the conclusion of the Talent Development Programme 2022 with project presentations and examination. TDP is a regular training initiative for younger employees who have the potential for more challenging roles within HeidelbergCement Northern Europe.

This year’s programme featured 17 individuals from different business lines and ten different occasions within region Northern Europe during more than six months. The training programme helped them develop in a wide range of areas such as project management, leadership development and business simulation.

“The purpose of TDP is both to motivate our talents to contribute to the continued success of our business and also to widen their network of contacts within the organization. When they develop, the company also develops – it’s a win-win situation. We also want to take the opportunity to give them a good insight into the entirety of our activities, says Kajsa Runnbeck, Human Resources Director Northern Europe.

Like all of the company’s leadership development courses TDP is based on HeidelbergCement’s Corporate Purpose – our “why” – and the culture principles. This is in addition to the three dimensions of leadership: lead yourself, lead others and lead our business.

“Leading others successfully derives from working at all times on your own development – both professional and personal,” continues Kajsa Runnbeck. “Our leadership programmes are designed to suit leaders at all levels.”

During the course of the programme, the participants were divided into four groups and tasked with implementing four real-life projects with the aim of strengthening the business. The results of the projects were presented during two days of examinations held outside Stockholm, after which diplomas were awarded for well-conducted education.

Gulnaz Hamad - Project engineer at Cementa in Slite.

Which project did you participate in?
I participated in the project called “LA clinker silo”. We analysed the flow of construction cement at Cementa’s plant in Slite, with a focus on the capacity flow and identifying bottlenecks and possible solutions to them.

What elements of the TDP-programme will benefit you?
I’ll benefit from being able to run projects in a “cross-sectional” way. I’ve gained an incredibly competent network of contacts from the participants, and we’ve learned a lot from each other.

What was the best thing about the programme?
The best thing is the network of contacts we’ve created and the people I met. They also gave me an understanding of the various roles they have within their respective companies. The courses included were useful, and the project I ran with the other participants was very educational.